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We are a firm of dedicated and talented architects, planners and designers. We love what we do and we enjoy knowing that what we do matters. We're equally passionate about big-picture ideas and the detailed craft of building.

First and foremost, though, we're problem solvers. We work hard to understand the issues our clients are concerned about and we look for creative, yet practical, solutions to the real design problems they face. We genuinely care about them, their needs and vision.

Kerns Group has no distinct, signature style. On the contrary, we avoid preconceptions and we believe open, inquisitive, and curious minds help us design projects that not only meet specific client needs, but also respond to the unique location and context of each site. As a result, we have acquired a regional reputation for innovative and meaningful design.

We're also committed to working in a full-service environment, rather than approaching design as a commodity. Good design, fully integrated from start to finish, is the ultimate in client service, a benefit valued by clients from the Eastern Shore to Colorado, and from Florida to Maine.


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